Friday, February 24, 2017

Taking Care of Yourself

The future of our healthcare system sadly remains a political football. The functional aspects of how our medical care is managed and paid for is not likely to be resolved in any meaningful way in the near future.

Some of us are born in relative good health. Some of us have some type of condition or unfortunate circumstance that has negatively impacted our health. Either way, we can only control what we can control.

It may be difficult with all the demands on our time. But, as with all things I-GOAL, HOW we live our life has a big impact on our quality of living. Not just in the present, but moving forward. 

Making, and maintaining, a lifelong commitment to getting outside, exercising, eating right and getting rest both improves our present life experience, but greatly improves our chances for a higher quality of life in our later years.

Most of us won’t make enough money to live lavishly in retirement. But, if we take care of ourselves through the course of lives, we will likely spend less time in doctor’s offices, suffer from less chronic health issues and find it easier to get around. 

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