Sunday, September 11, 2016

When it comes to work and career, do what is right for you

In today’s ultra-competitive world, it is vital to identify a career that can strategically put you through work, training, or an education to advance your earning potential over time. You want to find a career that will enable you to live the life you want to live and also bring some personal satisfaction.

You do not need to know the exact job you want or know in detail what would be necessary to make that happen. But you need to have an idea of what it might be. Having a vision of what you want in life and what career you would like can help you make it a reality.

Think of the direction you want to head in and some kind of plan to make it all come together. The more specific and focused it is, the better.

If you are unsure, you need to set a time frame to figure it out. Then gather as much information as you can to help make a decision.
You will spend over a third of your waking hours at your job. And, your job will provide nearly all of the money you accrue during the course of your life.
Because of this, your employment will be the primary determinant of your quality of life. It will be a means to facilitate your capacity to meet all of your other goals.

You probably won’t have the luxury of being picky about the work you do when you are first getting started. You will have to do what you have to do to pay your bills.

This will likely mean doing something you don’t particularly love. It usually means working odd shifts or more than one job.

Maintain focus on your goals, both short and long term. Even at this point in time, you need to be positioning yourself to move forward with your career.

We can live a happy and fulfilling life by living within our means. There are also tertiary considerations to be considered. You are going to want a job with hours that are suitable to the life you want to live. The work environment and other factors will be part of your job satisfaction.

But, for most of us, the math is the math. The more money we make, the easier it will be to achieve our goals and the higher our quality of life will likely be.

Live life in the moment, and enjoy your youth, friendships, and experiences.

At the same time, stay focused and make progress toward achieving your longer arching plans.

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