Saturday, April 9, 2016

Responsibility - The Foundation of Your Life

There may be the impulse to think that our personal responsibilities hold us back from really enjoying life.

The opposite is true. And that is why the focus to this point has been getting those responsibilities in order.

The first step in building a house is laying the foundation. This involves finding a good site to build, digging trenches, installing the frames for the footers, pouring concrete to make the footers, leveling the concrete and letting it cure.

Without putting the time and effort into laying a good foundation every other aspect of building a house will fail. Ex. If the footers are not perfectly level the walls will not be square and windows and doors will not fit properly. If the footer is not poured deep enough the walls will fail over time.

Your responsibilities are the foundation to your life.

If you do not take your time and make sure you have them in order, you will never really have the freedom to experience life uninhibited. You will always have problems that hold you back. And, your capacity to have the resources to enjoy life will be limited. 

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