Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How We Define Ourselves

Our TOTAL BEHAVIOR is the inter connectedness between our actions, thoughts and feelings. Specifically, if we tend to think our feelings direct our thoughts and actions or if we choose to direct our feelings and thoughts by how we act. 

If we consistently operate from a sense that our feelings drive our thoughts and actions, we are going along for the ride.  We are sailors.

When we focus on our actions, and use our actions to direct our thoughts and feelings, we are steering our way.  We are captains. 

The more we focus on what have control over, the more we have control over our lives.  That seems pretty simple.  For some of us this comes easily.  For some of us, it is harder at times.

The more we are mindful of this, the better our time and energy is put to use.  Sometimes it helps to take a step back and ask, “What do I have control over and what don’t I have control over.”

As human being we develop our own inertia.  How our day to day routine creates a personal momentum that reflects our decisions to either do our best, or less than our best. 

This extends to our sense of control.  The more we focus on things we don’t control, the more we think we have no control over our life.  The more time and energy we waste worrying about things that we do not control.

People who have more of a sense of control over their lives tend to focus more so on what they have control over.  And, most often, this is our actions – the things we say and do. 

Great things don’t happen to us.  Success never falls out of the sky and into our lap.  No one has ever achieved something by doing nothing.  

For all of the inevitable complexities that life brings, the basic formula for success is simple.  Have a plan.  Focus on what you control.  And do your best.

There is never a surety.  And it takes a great deal of determination, perseverance and hard work.  What we think or say is part of it.  But, what we do will make or break our success in life.

Some moments loom large and can define us.  But, it is what we do day to day that is most important.  Consistency.  Rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.  Weathering the ups and downs.  Getting up each morning and striving to do the best that we can. 

Anything of value is attained only through a meaningful commitment of time and energy.

Your actions define you.  This might seem like another trite phrase you have heard countless times from the adults in your life.  But, there is more of a simple truth to this than might appear on the surface.  It extends well beyond what others might think about us. 

When we think about ourselves, what we do in any specific moment might define who we are in some small way.  But, what we do over time, day to day, will be who we become.

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