Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Living Success & Ease of Movement

Our life’s path will paved by a continual series of interactions with other people. 

We have to be natural and be ourselves.  But, when we practice and refine our interpersonal skills we develop our capacity for LIVING SUCCESS. 

When we respect and are courteous toward others we develop mindsets and patterns of behavior that become ingrained and enable us to most effectively travel our life’s journey.  These routine, day to day, interactions become a way that we make ourselves a better person.

We are what we do.  Taking the time and energy to be positive toward others helps to develop positive and affirmative traits within us.

Good inter-personal skills also provide an EASE OF MOVEMENT for our life’s journey.

People tend to draw conclusions about others based on their interactions with them.  When we have good interpersonal skills people are more likely to view us in a positive way.  If we have poor interpersonal skills people are more likely to view us in a negative way. 

Because we are always interacting with others, how we interact with others effects our ease of movement.  The better our interpersonal skills the smoother our path becomes and the less resistance we encounter.    

There are a lot of things that people might complain about in life.  Someone being too thoughtful, polite or respectful is not one. 

This can be a great benefit regardless of what kind of work we do.  Whether it is a white collar or skilled labor field.  

Work is much more enjoyable if our co-workers and bosses are comfortable with us.  Good interpersonal skills help to pave the way for good relations with vendors and service providers, which makes our job easier.  When clients like and trust us they come back with more business and refer us to other people they know. 

This extends past work and into our routine day to day travels. 

Good eye contact, a smile, a pleasant greeting, saying “please” or “thank you” can disarm people that we don’t know.  That painful trip to the department of motor vehicles becomes a little easier if the person on the other side of the desk believes we respect him or her and by extension the job being done.

Everyone has their policies that they have to adhere to.  But, we are more likely to face resistance from others if they perceive us as untrustworthy or disrespectful.  Conversely, someone is more likely to try to find an answer or to help us if our interactions are upbeat and display courtesy and respect.

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